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Mechanics of Pitching Workshop

Pitchers, Parents, and Coaches are welcome to attend this 6 session workshop to learn the mechanics of pitching. You’ll walk away knowing how to launch, plant, whip, and throw fastballs and change ups. This clinic is March 22-April 26 on Wednesdays from 6-7PM at Khaos Clubhouse in Littleton, CO. 

Breaking Ball Pitches for Advanced Pitchers Workshop

Players, parents, and coaches are welcome to attend this 6 session workshop with their advanced pitchers to learn several different breaking balls, how to use these pitches strategically, and how best to practice these pitches. This workshop is March 22-April 26 on Wednesdays from 7-8PM at Khaos Clubhouse in Littleton, CO. 


Champion's Operating System

Is your daughter struggling with her emotions, sometimes to the point of having panic attacks on the field? Champion’s Operating System builds the tools necessary to learn how to handle those emotions quickly so she can get back in the game and play at her best. This course is 6 weeks either done on their own or in a weekly group call. If your daughter needs accountability, the group call is for her.

Team Champion's Operating System

Does your team struggle with communication? Are there a bunch of players with amazing skill, but little ability to play as a unit? In Team Champion’s Operating System, your players will learn more about themselves as players AND how to operate as a team in this 8 week course with weekly team meetings.

College Planning 101

College Planning 101 for Softball Parents will help you understand the skills necessary to play at the college level, the mindset that needs to be developed to play at the college level, and the process of getting recruited at this level. If your daughter knows she wants to play in college, this is for you! With 26 speakers from softball and baseball and just over 30 hours of content, you’re bound to learn a LOT!

WZC Hitting Vault

Follow along at home and practice your hitting skills to build a fast, powerful swing. In these 21 videos, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the swing as well as tons of drills to practice those fundamentals.

FootDoctor Esia Clinic Bonuses

If you attended FootDoctor Esia’s Pitching and Fielding Clinics in December 2021, this is where you’ll access your bonuses.