Do any of your players do THIS? 👇

Your team is only as strong as your weakest link​

In the Video: Do they cry on the field, get angry with themselves, act out or aggressively with the other team? Do they struggle to control their emotions? Does their perfectionism ruin their game?

Why I Can Help

Hi! I’m Coach Amanda Smith

At 11 years old, I was 5’8″ and could pitch in the mid 60s, throw overhand in the mid 60s, and consistently hit in the 3 and 4 spot in the lineup.

But I was wild.

I couldn’t control my pitches and I had a hard time controlling my overhand throws. 

I wore my emotions on my sleeve and I was an angry kid. My internal rage ruled my private practices. I was frustrated with myself CONSTANTLY. 

My coaches saw the talent as well as the mental struggles I was going through and tried to help, but few could reach me. The ones who did were the ones that consistently praised me. My confidence was built on their admiration and crushed in their frustration.

In college, I managed to land at a Division 1 school that was in the Top 25. By my junior year, I was the head coach’s “pet peeve”. I was ridiculously hard on myself and he wanted to prove he could be harder on me than I was. When the emotional and physical abuse got to be too much, I quit.

I’d never quit anything in my life and I fell into a dark depression. I’d quit the thing I loved the most.

And then I met the coaches that would piece me back together with the skills I needed to start building my mental game. At UCCS, I learned the basis of what I teach now.

I needed to find consistency in my physical game so my head could find a more meditative state, which is what I now call The White Zone. 

Those skills are what made it possible for me to be recruited to play in the NPF and semi-pro international softball. I turned down both opportunities to pursue my career as an engineer on NASA’s Artemis Program. 

I went on to become a certified yoga instructor which furthered my knowledge of the mental game. And that led me to become a competitive powerlifter that qualified for Worlds at 38 years old.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked with players and teams to help them meld the physical game with the mental game. I’ve developed a process that walks the player through their own softball journey into their role on the team.

I take teams from disjointed individuals to a cohesive unit with one heartbeat for this game. And I do it in 8 weeks.

$1997 per Team

8 Week Program

For Any Age Group at Any Level

Online Course AND Group Coaching for the Whole Team 

Players understand and practice how to play one pitch at a time. The Team develops their own private code to help each other stay in control to compete. Coaches use the new code to remind players and the team of their commitment to compete at their highest level.

What Your Team will Learn in Champion's Operating System for Teams



M1 – What’s Your Why 

M2 – Level UPS (Learning to Learn)

M3 – The Champion’s North Star (5 Points to Focus on as a Champ)

M4 – The White Zone (The Ultimate Goal for ALL athletes)

M5 – Choose (Responsibilities and How You Choose Them)

M6 – Awareness (Self, Team, Present Moment, and Stop Light)

M7 – Mission (Individual and Team Missions)

M8 – Perception (The Cs) 


M1 – Why Play in College 

M2 – Choosing a College Degree

M3 – Organizations and Levels + Your Level

M4 – Mindset Matters MOST to College Coaches

M5 – How to Build YOUR College List

M6 – The Recruiting Process

M7 – Getting Recruited + Talking/Emailing/SM with Coaches

M8 – Official and Unofficial Visits 


🗓 8 Weeks

💻 Online Course Material

🕘 1 Hour Team Coaching Session per Week

🥎 Private Team Chat Forum on Slack

🎓 Bonus Coaching for College Softball Recruits Included FREE

You CAN Help Them Achieve Their Softball Dreams!

✅ Develop the Mindset to Win

✅ Develop Leaders

✅ Get them Recruited to Their Dream School

🚀 Become the Best Coach They’ve Ever Had


What's in the Course

8 Modules

8 Team Calls

Slack Chat Forum

Recruiting Help

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