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Everything you need to ensure a “W” in the WIN column at the end of your softball recruiting journey! From the time you decide you want to play softball in college until your first day of class on a college campus!

Rachel does a phenomenal job of handing the process over to the player so it’s their journey while still setting the parents up for success.

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Your daughter…

  • can’t get out of that slump?
  • is frustrated with her performance?
  • is doubting herself?
  • has a fear of failure?

Then, The Confident Athlete is for her!

The Confident Athlete is Paige Tonz Signature Program to take your daughter from so much frustration of falling short to letting her hard work actually pay off.

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Do you know your Mental Strengths?

Ask any college coach what they look for in their recruits and they will almost always talk about the intangibles.

In this free evaluation, you’ll quickly understand what your best intangible mental strengths are and how to share those with college coaches!

Free The Wai We Rise Workbook

Grab your free copy of this workbook so you can start to recognize the pattern of perfectionism and learn ways to stop that process. Samantha understands the body and the mind well enough to know what works and what doesn’t to kick herself and now you out of the perfectionism habit.

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Thank you so much for attending the College Planning 101 Seminar. Here is a special offer for you. Fastpitch Strength is offering a free Custom Calories, Macros and Portion Guide ($50 value) when you sign up for Custom Training Programs. Please fill out this training application and I will get reach out to discuss training options and give you your coupon code!

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50% off a Plug-and-Play Program to Help Softball Players Throw Harder TODAY.

The full throwing course – She’s Got a Cannon – was built to teach others how to analyze and correct throwing mechanics, to throw harder with more accuracy.

It’s an individualized solution for those who want to learn.

But, You Might Be Too Busy For That. 

She’s Got a Cannon Lite is a simple, ready-to-implement throwing program.

The Ultimate Nutrition Guide for Softball

As a softball player, you have the power to improve your performance through food. This guide will help guide you in making smart nutrition choices prior to games, practices and tournaments…an area many softball players struggle with! Get your FREE download NOW!

Free Recruiting Seminar with Rachel Coleman

Learn from a former D1 player and coach the secrets to the recruiting process. Rachel’s system is top notch and gets the student to own their process. This is well worth your time!

Punctuation Guide

When 20 out of 75 of the questions on the ACT score are based on punctuation, you might want to get this right. Download a copy of the Punctuation Guide HERE! And good luck on the ACT and/or SAT!!

Player Profile Questionnaire

College Coaches collect information from parents and players like business people collect business cards. Use this simple Player Profile Questionaire so you’re prepared to hand your player’s “business card” over to college coaches. This is also handy to gather the info that goes in  profiles with recruiting services.

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Sign up for a free 30 min recruiting consultation to find out more about Great Expectation’s process. Bring all your questions for them to answer. Be sure to ask for Katie on the sign up form.

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Be the first to get your copy of The 50 Laws of the 6th Tool! This book hasn’t been released to the public yet, but be the first to sign up and get your free copy. Laws 1-10 were discussed at Nate’s session. Go back and watch it if you haven’t already. These are rules to live by!

Free Visualization Practice Package

Visualization is KEY to being a great athlete. Not just average. GREAT. Practicing visualization is one of the main components for the girls in The Mental Game Mentorship and their success on and off the field/court. If you or your daughter wants to be the best, you HAVE to download this Visualization Practice Package and start today!


  • Benefits of visualization
  • How to visualization workshop
  • 4 Guided Visualization Audios to listen to


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Here’s what you get:

  • Q2 – Quality At-Bats – Mental Side of Hitting Audiobook (Best Seller)
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  • Q15 – 15 Minute Pre-Game Mental Hitting Pep-Talk
  • Help, I’m the parent of a youth player!: Parenting CD
  • Quality Pitching Audiobook
  • Springtime Digital Book – Steve Springer’s road to the big league

If hitting is about creating confidence, how do we create MORE confidence?

This “Mental Side of Hitting” training program will help you to get the right player showing up to the plate every, single at-bat!

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Mel and Alicia have 86 episodes and climbing on the podcast. They also have a Dream Team Assessment for Coaches that will help you analyze where your team culture is lacking. Snag this by signing up on their website.

Free Deep Dive with Samantha Livingstone

Learning to control the controllables is a lesson in letting go. In this mini deep dive, Samantha will give you the step-by-step tools to step into your power of controlling the controllables for free.

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Save $4.99 and the cost of shipping on the Think Like a Champ Journal.

This journal will help you …

  • develop discipline
  • ease performance anxiety
  • overcome doubt
  • achieve your goals
  • build confidence
  • bounce back from adversity
  • strengthen the positive mindset you need to succeed
  • and a whole lot more!

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Get free shipping on any JY Remedy order (no code necessary). Discount applied at checkout). The most sought after product is the KnockOut Sanitizing Spray for athletic equipment. With the current state of softball, this might be the best product for all her softball equipment that won’t destroy the integrity of the bat, glove, helmet, mask, or catching gear.

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Get one month FREE access to the Ashlie Rowley Academy. Save $45 with the code: ARCP101MembershipPlus You’ll join other catchers in this virtual academy where Ashlie shares drills and skills as well as a free community. This is an amazing offer every catcher should take advantage of!

5 Common Throwing Mistakes E-Book Free

Throwing is an essential part of the game and athletes that have exceptional arms will always draw attention to themselves. Coaches, parents and especially other athletes will notice!

So, how do we teach proper arm patterns and sequencing to our athletes in order to maximize throwing potential, minimize the risk of injury and get noticed at Games & Showcases?

What mistakes are YOU making in your instruction that may be detrimental to an athlete’s throwing potential?

Free Pain Finder: Self Movement Screen

Free Pain Finder: Self Movement Screen. Sometimes pain happens when things aren’t moving right. The good news is that type of pain is fixable with just exercise and stretching. Find out if your pain is caused by bad movement with our FREE Pain Finder: Self Movement Screen

Mobility and Core Sample Program

As a special thank you for being a part of the College Planning 101 Summit, Claim Your Free Mobility, and Core Sample Program below.

Having a strong core and the right amount of mobility is important for softball players. Since softball is so rotational, having a strong and functional core is important because it helps keep the low back supported and stable.

Backside Push Tempo Pitching Drill

The Backside Push Tempo Pitching Drill is all about leg drive and getting more forward momentum. Feeling that amount of push will help the rest of the body figure out where it should be in space through the pitch. Grab this drill below!

Free E-Book

  • Tons of Drills you can do TODAY
  • Tips for players of all ages and ability levels
  • Advice for coaches and parents
  • Throwing mechanics explanations in simple terms
  • Many players gain 2 – 4mph in a week or two

Grocery Shopping Cheat Sheet

Are you unsure of what to eat to improve your performance? Do you go to the grocery store, and continue to leave with the same old foods you know you shouldn’t be eating? We have a solution for you! This easy to follow grocery shopping cheat sheet makes grocery shopping easy!

As softball players, it’s important to eat highly nutritious whole foods. We created this easy to follow grocery list filled with items to help you stay on track! We’ve even split the foods out into proteins, carbs, and fats! Download your free copy and start shopping smarter!

Free Virtual Pitching, Hitting, or Catching Virtual Group Practice

Join a Zoom Group Softball Practice lead by Amanda for Pitchers, Catchers, or Hitters and save $5. No need to go anywhere. All practices are designed to be done at home in the backyard or in the house. Yep, hitting can be done in your house without damaging anything. Just pick the day and time you’d like to join and enter the code CP101FREE. I hope to see you at practice! (Virtual 30 min, Virtual 60 min, and Strength and Conditioning not included)


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